Vancouver Museum of Anthropology UBC

Vancouver Museum of Anthropology UBC
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Monday, 20 September 2010


It went really well and I'm really really chuffed with the response I got from all 14 folk who attended my 3 hour workshop this pm at the Reitman Ctre. I had some very moving comments from participants who said they had been very inspired by what I said and brought. My laptop and USB powered speakers worked very well too as I had to load lots of CDs onto I Tunes before coming over here. I'm really knackered again tonight which is hardly surprising, and very pleasantly so, as a kind Canadian left me most of a jug of his lager (on leaving) at the greek restaurant we went to in Greek Town tonight -  a very atmospheric part of town east of the centre. Mary's sister Eileen has flown up from Denver and Mary very chuffed to have her around and staying in the same guest-house as us for a few nights. Amy chuffed to bits at being taken off by here Aunt to 'Honest Ed's' and/or 'Sears' in town for a serious attempt a getting yet another 'Barbie'....she came away with 'Sweetie', she calls here...a dog that nods its head and tail when you push its back. Gives me the giggles in my current mood.

So folks off to get some sleep after a really great workshop where I tried out some new ideas and managed to create an experience that wove in movt & dance, singing, playing musical instruments, the power-point bit - only four slides...and the playing of a beautiful DVD about dance & dementia. BON NUIT...hope I get a good nights kip before starting again at 9am...too soon for my liking but such is the way...


  1. Hi Richard
    I have finally managed to register and get on to this blog to post a comment so here it is. I have already emailed you saying no luck again but decided to persevere for a bit longer. Its great to hear about all your visits and the interest so keep your energy and enthusiasm going because you're obviously getting a lot out of it!
    Best wishes to you, Mary and Amy :)

  2. Hi Suzanne,
    Brilliant you were able to leave a comment...this is very inspiring to me, thanks so much and I got the pic you took of us at the station the day we age ago now as I said in the email.