Vancouver Museum of Anthropology UBC

Vancouver Museum of Anthropology UBC
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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Dancing Doctor Strip(s)

Yoooo...that got you interested!! Thanks Kerry and great to meet you in the cafe this morning and again tonight quite by accident at the traffic saw the pun in my blog title and pointed it out over breakfast.

 This is the second time I am attempting this blog. This am in the library where such things as blogging are free I made a superb attempt at this...all flags flying..going at a rate of knots telling you all that's going on till SOD IT..if the screen didn't go dead before I could click on POST. I had run out of time and didn't notice the tiny window bottom left of screen that told me I was running out of free credit.What a blithering idiot I was!!

(Will not mention Barbie again as it's a killer for getting comments!! except to say that I cycled 4 kilometres tonight to get another B ...! & a 'furr-real' dog for A's birthday this friday..she's 8 on 24th and away from her friends. Have also booked the car-hire to take us out to Niagara Falls on Friday and into a smart hotel that night for a slap-up meal and swim in their indoor pool all being well).

Now to the news...phew. Yesterday ran my second workshop at the Reitman Centre for care professionals. It was very well received indeed, like the first. I did slightly different stuff, managing this time to have folk dancing in the space, completing my powerpoint presentation which I don't always achieve and showing that extraordinary ( and very moving) 10 min piece of film from the memory-bridge foundation about Gladys Wilson and Naomi Feil. At the end of the workshop I was presented with some beautiful yellow trumpet type tropical flowers...v beautiful and brought a tear to 'me' eye..coming rather a lot these days in Toronto. The experience is so rich and fulfilling and energising and creative for all of us, that at times I am quite overcome by it all. The Director of the Centre also made me a gift to thank me for all I had brought tot eh Centre and the team. I was deeply moved by this. The afternoon was really interesting too as I was able to attend a session for people with memory problems attending a support group. We were able to dance together and share memories of what it means to live in Europe, amongst other things.

I am so impressed by the high quality and comprehensive support the Centre is able to give care-givers and it got a mention in the days Globe & Mail which is continuing a daily series of fascinating articles on the subject by Andre Picard. More news tomorrow of all that happened today in meeting up with Pia giving another talk, this time quite formal, in a lecture theatre at Toronto Rehab on University Avenue, also well received.

Mary & Amy went to a women's only ceremenony tonight on our street run by a 'grandmother' of aboriginal descent to coincide with the equinox and blow-me if they didn't sing a song Cordelia had taught Amy at school...'doo wa witchy-a, witchy-a'..or something like that!! Bye for now.....phew....


  1. Hello Richard!

    I'm so glad to have had a chance to meet you on Wednesday. Thank you for sharing your research! I'm excited to hear about the rest of your travels and to read more of your work.

    Warm wishes,

    Andreah Barker

  2. Hi Andreah,
    So glad to have met you too and thanks for coming to my talk. Reading the Dance Mag you gave me has helped me understand how many DMPs there are in Canada, how and where they trained and the strong connection with the American DT Association. A good person to be in touch with at Reitman Centre is Caitlin Agar in case you need a name there which is always good to have.