Vancouver Museum of Anthropology UBC

Vancouver Museum of Anthropology UBC
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Friday, 10 September 2010


In the process of telling folk about this blog site and already had one reply from a colleague saying they can't work out how to blog here and I can't help at the moment! Anyone got any ideas? Am not good at this sort of thing but knowing that my 8 yr old daughter could and is currently at school doesn't help right now...


  1. Hi Richard
    Your trip to Canada has come round fast - have a great time, meet some wonderful people, and come back with some wonderful memories.
    Best wishes

  2. Almost got my posting right - just didn't realise that I was signed in as Deborah!!!!
    Love Lesley
    PS Say hello to Mary and Amy :)

  3. Whilst gyrating around the sitting room, I was pondering on things of the past. 'Ah hah' I thought 'dealing with the well meated out skeletons in the open doored closet I need help'. CoatyMcScroty is the man. Going to his bog (what ever that is - I still don't know, and I don't have an 8 year old any where to help me) I decided to view 'his COMPLETE' profile. I was awaiting a naked shock. All I got was 'Error 503; Page unavailable'. I didn't know whether to be pleased or disappointed to have missed the complete profile. I hope the Canadians and Winston Churchill avoid 'error 503'. I am non the wiser, so I shall continue to pogo dance in the loo.

  4. one, not even left the ground yet and a fellow 'bogattir' has found an 'Error 503' code, whatever that is!

    Dicky you are a star....keep logging on on a daily basis for your daily dose of whatever it is this blog will give you. Hopefully a joke or two to ease the existential pain of x-ray scanning folks bodies. Here's one from Amy for you.
    What's a sheep with no legs?
    (Answer: A cloud!!!) yippee, that's a good one eh!!

  5. What do you call an Italian with a rubber foot?
    Roberto !!

  6. Why not start with a post about yourself, where you work and what you do and then do another about why you are going to Canada?

    You can then just update your blog whenever you have something to say or anything you are musing on. Just share the latest news of what you are up to, who you have met, your thoughts, anything interesting you have learnt etc.

    People are then able to post a comment (like I'm doing now!) either to agree with what you've said, start a discussion or just to say they have found it interesting or make suggestions. You can then either respond to them with a comment of your own or else write about it in your next blog 'post'.

    Just think about it as a kind of diary or log (The word blog comes from 'web log'). People then comment on your diary entries.

    You can also upload any pictures that you take.

    Once you get the hang of it I'm sure lots of people will be interested and we'll happily help publicise!

    I hope this helps, have a good trip!


  7. Deborah, why don't bhuddists vacuum in the corner?

    Because they don'tlike attachments!! Boom Boom!! That's agoodyun eh?