Vancouver Museum of Anthropology UBC

Vancouver Museum of Anthropology UBC
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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Bushwackered today...

Successfully negotiated the adventure of an 18 hour door-to-door experience. One of the most exciting bits was the roar of the jet's engines as we took off from Manchester and Amy's face as she looked out of the window and everything was flying past...faster and faster it went. I remembered my own visceral excitement at being airborne. Greenland was another highlight, not much ice about compared to the last time I flew over about 20 years ago. Hours of flying over the Tundra of the Northern Territories, pock marked by thousands of lakes as far as the eye could see and no habitation of any kind; occasional logging camps. One of the most boring bits was waiting at least an hour in the immigration queue at Toronto..anyway guest-house good, the city very warm today and my head still a bit of a blur. Day off tomorrow to get bearings etc....have now found an internet cafe to do the blogging as the laptop I brought too old to cope with blogging.

Went to a cafe this morning for some serious coffee. Within minutes was in communication with a professor of Theory & Policy Studies in Education at the Uni here. He told me about the work of this russian psychologist called Luria who did important work on recovering brain function for wounded second world war soldiers. Does anyone know of Luria?...I have heard of Vygotsky & Bakhtin but not Luria. Anyway, fascinating man and plan to keep in touch with him, and his wife a research scientist in cell biology I think. He had one of these I Phone's, all singing and dancing only it was type 3 I think rather than type 4 if that matters?
Must go, getting hungry for some Thai or Lebanese food....more tomorrow...


  1. I would have thought an all singing ALL DANCING i phone would be most appropriate for your research .... if they dance and sing, maybe they'd be good for dementia sufferers?

  2. As usual for you wing-commander you're getting carried away on the 'puns' and rather less on the content! Now then...please can you tell me about AL Luria or was it AB Luria? ..anyway some serious work to be done here methinks.
    Dicky on with the dance eh????