Vancouver Museum of Anthropology UBC

Vancouver Museum of Anthropology UBC
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Friday, 8 October 2010

Running out of steam...

It's Friday, we leave for UK tomorrow and here's the news from Kamloops where we were on Monday night last. Tuesday early we got back in the hire car and drove for 5 hours back to Vancouver via the Coquihalla Highway I think it's called. A stunningly beautiful drive up high mountain passes, where you go on climbing and climbing. I did pick up rather a lot of speed (on the way down) and it was Amy who spotted the Police Helicopter hovering over the road when I was touching 125 kph instead of the regulation 100kph. Luckily, I put the anchors on and we were not chased by the 'blue light' brigade...thanks to Amy for that. Having got back to Vancouver in time for the car hire deadline we cheked into the Holiday Inn ( and yes another pool!) and more swimming. We have all being doing a lot of that recently, which has been great for keeping fit and keeping A happy. The rest of tuesday was a rest time and wednesday we headed off to Granville Island in the morning which is a cross between Covent Garden outdoor performance space, indoor and outdoor markets abd little ferries that take you across from downtown. It is the no1 tourist attraction in Canada with Niagara No2 and we have done them both.

Wednesday pm and we headed off to University of British Columbia with 55,000 students where we all met Alison, played 'Old Maid' in a cafe with Alison and then she and I went off to talk about her researches in the creative arts with people with dementia. We met again today Friday (this) morning to continue that process viewing more film clips of older people taking part in creative activities from music to painting and reflecting on how beneficial it was for them. Her work is definitely leading edge stuff and I'm looking forward to collaborating with her more on this. Wednesday night and Alison invited us out for a "Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner'....the first time we have been invited out the whole trip. It meant a lot to us, and it was a lovely time with her and family.

So, after the talk this am, it was off to the Dance Centre for our workshop. About 12 people came, which was an excellent turn-out, considering it was thanksgiving weekend, when most folk leave town for the provinces and many more turkey dinners...anyway..never quite found out the significance of this event in the Canadian calendar. The workshop went really well and this time it was almost all experiential with a bit of talking. It was really appreciated come the end of the three hours and the centre director gave us a bottle of wine which was very kind..

Had some cheap Greek food tonight (inc.Baklava for me) as budget almost exhausted...looking forward to meeting one of Mary's relatives tomorrow who is picking us up tomorrow am taking us to her house and then off to the catch the plane. This may be my last blog till we're home. Has been really frustarting not being able to download new pics on a regular basis as it takes too long when not easily able to reduce the pixel size so the blog can recognise it or not take ages to download.

Bye for now...and thanks for tuning in to all this...

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