Vancouver Museum of Anthropology UBC

Vancouver Museum of Anthropology UBC
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Friday, 1 October 2010


So much going on now....difficult gaining internet access to report about it and therefore doing this quick in a cafe where Amy is quietly tying my shoelaces together under the table. 23 degrees here in Penticton in the Canadian Rockies, the conference going very well. The hotel has a pool so swimming every morning early before the conference starts at 08.30hrs sharp. Lots of really interesting arts/health work going on in the west here, with folk from the Northern Territories, Alberta, BC and New York. It's good to see Bernie Warren again from Windsor Ontario who is doing clown based work and research with folk with memory problems. The meeting in Vancouver the day we left for here was also really brilliant. Met a neuroscientist at the University of BC Brain Research Lab and we talked at length about her pioneering research on music therapy and the brain....more news soon whenever I can get access to a machine.

Amy says; "I'm having great time in Canada. It's just been my birthday on the 24th September and I got lots and lots of presents, then we went to Niagara Falls. I hated getting wet because we went in the Maid of the Mist, but I still loved it; and after, my dad bought me an absolutely delicious CHOCOLATE ice-cream. On that day I went to this waffle place, and we told them it was my birthday, so I had 2 waffles which had those sparkly candles on...and after we went on our plane and when we landed we went to our new hotel and after dinner I had a cake which was just the size for all of us - it was lovely, but I didn't have most of it!!."

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  1. Hi. I am Music Therapist in Victoria BC and I am interested in your findings and experience in movement and dementia. I am not able to come to Vancouver at this time. Would it be possible to read about your findings? Thanks.
    Maxine Fisher M. Ed., MTA