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Vancouver Museum of Anthropology UBC
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Monday, 4 October 2010


So much going on...have a need to put new pics on here...have found a great pc in the lobby of the students residence at Thompson Rivers University here in Kamloops which in 'K'wemleps' means meeting of the rivers and the rivers (Thompson & North Thompson) are pretty big. Have met Wendy Hulko today from here who is doing dementia focused work with First Nation Elders. My workshop today had five people from different peoples + 9 others; it was very special as Mary, Amy and I were welcomed onto the territory in a traditional way with a song going back generations and drumming to accompany the song. Gerald (Bear) welcomed us and later he spoke movingly about bringing ( through cermenony) back the spirit of several elders who had (according to him) lost theirs through the condition. It was a moving afternoon especially when I asked him if he and his brothers and sisters would drum and sing, while I led participants in a dance to ground the talk in the experiential.

Apologies to those who wanted to hear how the conference went in Penticton and before that my meeting with Claudia the 'Music & the Brain' researcher at UBC in Vancouver. I am full to bursting with everything gouing on here and I am pleased to say that Amy played a full and active part in the workshop today.

We depart early am for a 4 hour return drive to Vancouver, where we must deposit the car we've had these past several days. We are staying at the Holiday Inn on Howe Street, Downtown and Mary and I are jointly leading the workshop we are giving at the Scotiabank Dance Centre on Davie Street. Do come if you are reading this from BC! It is is 677, Davie Street from 1.30pm to 4.30pm on October 8th. Bring loose comfortable clothes and we will be dancing....that's it fornow. The conference in Penticton was well worth attending and more of that when next I get access to a machine like this... Byeee.......................


  1. I had the distinct pleasure of being a brief part of Dr. Coaten's presentation at the 5th Annual International Conference on Creative Expression, Communication, and Dementia in Penticton, British Columbia.

    Richard is doing amazing work and bringing many great minds together to connect and advance the best of the current research on movement, music, rhythm, and brain health.

    Thank you, Richard, Mary, and Amy for being such a great part of our experience this last week.

    I'm seeing now that the drumming I use in shamanic journeying has even greater implications than I previously understood, thanks to presentations like yours!

    Geoff Walker

  2. Hi Geoff,
    Thanks so much for your comments. They mean a lot to us. WE journeyed on to Kamloops and had a traditional aboriginal welcome from a local family...the dancing we did and singing during the workshop with them was very special indeed. Sorry you can't be with us this friday in Vancouver, however do let me know how you get on with your healing and shamanic journey's. This is such important work at this time....R & M & A